Get Relaxed at Long Island Salt Caves

Salt is no longer simply a seasoning. Salt caves, or rooms with solid bricks made from Himalayan salt, are emerging as the new trend in relaxation and holistic health. Simply sit and breathe in the salinated air—a Long Island salt cave in Port Jefferson claims a 45-minute session is like a full week spent by the sea—or participate in classes such as yoga or tai chi. Massages, parties (including kiddie birthdays), Mommy and Me workshops, Reiki and meditation may also be on the menu.

Ditch that hot yoga class and try out the popular phenomenon at three Long Island salt caves.

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Port Jeff Salt Cave

According to the Port Jeff Salt Cave website, salt inhalation therapy, or halotherapy, is said to ease symptoms for respiratory illnesses like allergies, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and colds. It also says halotherapy may improve skin conditions, digestive disorders and joint pains. Port Jeff Salt Cave offers yoga, mommy and me, and tai chi classes, Reiki circles, parties, salt inhalation therapy, guided meditation and crystal sound bowl therapy. All activities take place in the 266-square-foot cave with continuous fresh air exchange. Crystal sound bowl therapy aims to relax and balance listeners, helping them to meditate. Go 

Montauk Salt Cave

Motto: “Surround yourself with tons of Himalayan Salt and allow the healing to begin.” The Montauk Salt Cave says Himalayan salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. All of these “antis” add up to cleared lungs and nasal passageways, preventing illness. The salt, states the Montauk Salt Cave’s website, saturates a space with natural mineral elements. Cave visitors may relax in a peaceful environment during 45-minute sessions in a zero-gravity chair. They can additionally engage in Reiki, massages, sound healing with crystal singing bowls, yoga, weekend events and children’s birthday parties.

Those not heading to The End until May can reap the same benefits further west when Montauk Salt Cave expands to Huntington soon. For news on the development of the Huntington cave, follow Montauk Salt Cave on FacebookGo

Healing Grotto

Nassau’s south shore has its very own salt cave in Bellmore. Healing Grotto, which proclaims the same benefits as the other Long Island salt caves, provides yoga classes, salt cave therapy, massage therapy, meditation classes, children’s salt cave sessions (with parental accompaniment), nutrition classes, singing bowls and psychic medium readings. Treatments in the cave feature comfortable seating and soft music. This salt cave proudly states, “Healing [is] just a breath away.” Go

Have you been to any of these salt caves? Do you know of other locations for LI’ers to try? Sound off in the comments and Facebook or tag #lipulse on Instagram and let us know about your experiences.

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