4 Perfectly Paired Wine & Chocolate Combinations

Chocolate and wine is a timeless and decadent pairing. Yet not all combinations make for a match. Chocolate naturally changes the flavor profile of wine. The sweetness of the chocolate can often clash with even the finest of wines. Conversely, the perfect pairing can delight the taste buds. Here are expert tips for getting it right every time.

Dark Chocolate

Full-bodied red wines round out the bitterness of dark chocolate. “The darker the chocolate, the bolder the wine you’ll want to pair with it,” explained Steven Biscari-Amaral the co-owner of North Fork Chocolate Company in Aquebogue. He recommended rich reds such as cabernet sauvignon or shiraz.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate lovers may also select a red wine, but one that is more medium-bodied than the selection used to complement dark chocolate. Caroline Gappelberg the co-owner of Hamptons Chocolate Factory in Westhampton Beach recommended a lighter, well-rounded red wine such as a merlot.

2 glaases with red wine and dark chocolate on wooden background, a wonderful combination

White Chocolate

Technically speaking, white chocolate isn’t really “chocolate.” Made with vanilla, sugar and cocoa fat, white chocolate pairs well with light, semi-sweet wines. Gappelberg suggested a rosé port, moscato or fruity chardonnay.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Much like wine and chocolate, peanut butter and jelly are a classic combination. Keep this in mind when indulging in a peanut butter chocolate candy or chocolate containing nuts, Biscari-Amaral said. Pair with a fruity zinfandel that has hints of plum or berry, he said.

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