Holiday Cookie Recipes That Have “New Tradition” Written All Over ‘Em

The smell of homemade cookies is enough to bring back memories of after school snacks and weekend trips to grandma’s. During the holiday season, the nostalgic vibes go into overdrive as we try our best to recreate grandma’s chocolate peppermint surprise cookies. Though nothing can beat grandma’s specialties, I bet they won’t mind sharing the plate with some new company. To celebrate the year’s most delicious season, I asked bakers from around the country to share their favorite cookie recipes.

Holiday Biscotti

Pistachios, pine nuts and dried cranberries biscotti

Sweet tooths on a calorie budget need not turn into grinches and scrooges come dessert time. At only 100 calories and 2.5 grams of fat per two cookies, In the Raw’s holiday biscotti satisfies treat cravings without tipping the scales. The recipe calls for a festive take on the classic cookie in the form of pistachios, dried cherries and ground ginger or cinnamon. Enjoying with coffee or tea is optional but recommended. Get the recipe.

Reindeer Cookies

holiday cookie recipes 2016

image: wholesome!

When your grandma was your age, there was only one Rudolph. This Wholesome! recipe for reindeer cookies, which is made using organic, fair-trade certified sweeteners, M&Ms and chocolate chips, yields about 30 of the famous reindeer. Guests will want to jingle all the way—or at least raise a glass—to that. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Dipped Donut Sticks

mrs. freshley's Chocolate Dipped Donut Sticks recipe

Not everyone has the time to turn into Martha Stewart, particularly during the holiday whirl. Achieve dessert-making goals with this three-ingredient, two-step recipe for chocolate dipped donut sticks from Mrs. Freshley’s. Though the recipe is a major time savor, chocolate lovers swear it doesn’t skimp on taste. Get the recipe.

Tate’s Bake Shop Holiday Cookie Bark

Tate's Peppermint Bark

Tate’s Bake Shop, launched by Southampton’s Kathleen King’s, makes cookies so good people eat ’em like chips. Sprinkle a little of Tate’s magic into your own holiday celebration with one of her favorite recipes. Get the recipe.

Caramel Apple Pizza


Put a fun twist on cookies by serving guests a different kind of pie. This “pizza-for-dessert recipe,” which includes peanut butter, brown sugar and caramel, might as well be dubbed heaven on earth. Get the recipe

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies


Chocolate and peppermint are the unofficial flavors of the holiday season and The Mommy Mix’s chocolate peppermint crunch cookies combines both to perfection. The result? A gift for taste buds. Get the recipe.

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