Liberty Burger & Beer Co. Coming to Saint James

Burgers, fried chicken and “adult” milkshakes are ringing in the New Year at Liberty Burger & Beer Co. in Saint James. Owners of the raved-about Del Fuego, La Tavola and Ruvo establishments are set to open the newest carnivore haven January 2017.

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“Saint James really gets lost in the conversation of great restaurant towns,” owner Joseph DeNicola of The DeNicola Concept restaurant group said. “There’s a delicious series of independent restaurants like Kitchen A Bistro, The Trattoria and Mosaic that the people really come out and support.”

Liberty Burger & Beer Co. will be joining the series, moving into the original Del Fuego location on North Country Road as the Tex-Mex sensation moves into a bigger space across the street.

At Liberty Burger & Beer Co., the vibes will be decidedly more north-of-the-border—with a healthy helping of retro.

“My father is an artist and he designed a piece about Ms. America in the late 70s that helped inspire Liberty. I feel this artwork reflects the food of its era: great burgers, fried chicken and shakes.”

To give clients their own taste of freedom, Liberty Burger & Beer Co. will be featuring build your own burgers with a unique stamped logo on the buns. The blend will be consistent: signature short rib, brisket and chuck prepared “on a flat top griddle and finished under a broiler to create a slight crust on the outside that keeps the juices enclosed.” But the toppings are where the real magic will happen. Everything from roasted onions, sautéed mushrooms, pecan smoked bacon, avocado, pulled pork, fried eggs and pickled jalapeño can be added for a mouth-watering experience.

Traditional NY hot or “street” dogs, salmon, chicken, sweet potato or spinach burgers and, of course, the free-range organic fried chicken are all going to be options as well.

“The fried chicken is cooked in our pressure cooker under high temperatures to make it extremely crisp, moist and juicy.”

Pair the poultry with some hand cut French or zucchini fries, onion rings, salads or an order of mac & cheese.

As for the drinks, there will be 12 beers on tap at the 15-seat bar, half a dozen wine options and the soon-to-be famous “adult” milkshakes made with the customer’s choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee or salted caramel ice cream mixed with alcohol.

“In all of our concepts we always try to be on the cutting edge. I feel that the adult milkshake will bring a unique twist to recapture the inner child in our customers. I’ve got a good feeling about it, but we’ll have to wait and see.”