Long Island Gyms That Feed You

Sometimes, it’s not even about having the motivation to hit the gym, it’s what’s at the gym that’s going to keep you focused and give you a little extra push. Read: What’s there to munch on mid-workout? 2016 is in our rearview mirrors and many people are making resolutions to “stay healthy” and “be in shape” come the New Year. To make matters a little easier, I’ve scouted out Long Island gyms that provide clients with delicious, nutritious beverages and snacks to fuel their goals.

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SkyLite Café, Fitness Incentive, Babylon

SkyLite is committed to keeping customers’ fitness goals in line with their diets. “HighLites” from the menu include fine coffees, teas, soups, protein shakes, assorted fruits, oatmeal and yogurt. Homemade muffins made with superfoods like carrot-oatmeal, raisin-bran, raisin-bran-pecan and PB&J act as mini meals. There’s even a “build-a-shake” form to pre-order a beverage, which staff will have waiting once a workout is complete. Go on…live a little. Go.

Drew Patrick Spa Café, Bay Shore

Nurturing your body with proper nutrition is essential to getting optimum results when working out. Drew Patrick Spa Café provides clients with healthy alternatives for snacks and meals. Try the morning detox made with cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, pineapple and ginger or the Fire Island crush with blueberries, banana, milk, vanilla yogurt and cinnamon for a flashback to summer. But it’s not all green and leafy. There are micro-roast specialty coffees, ice blended-drinks, teas, bagels and daily lunch specials that can be topped off with the famous Texas Mansion cookies. Go.

NrGize Lifestyle Cafe, LA Fitness, Various Locations

Working out never tasted so good. NrGize’s menu was designed with the customers’ health and palate in mind. The recipe is simple: calories, carbohydrates, fats and sugars are kept low, while flavors are kept high. Think strawberry slim down smoothies, packed with antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation and peanut butter cup meal replacement smoothies with old-fashioned oats, lecithin and 47g protein or a power shot of freshly juiced wheatgrass served with OJ. You’ll be glad you did. Go.