7 Places That Make Healthy Eating on Long Island Easy

Eating healthy foods is hard to do any time of year, but you feel even more regretful after the holidays. There’s one personal trainer on Long Island who insists you really can keep your diet clean and tasty while dining out, and she’s got a list of locations you can choose from.

Long Island’s own Jen Palazzo is an award-winning bodybuilder and fitness coach, who changed her life as a high school student by losing 100 pounds in one year. Along with her husband Mike, Jen has formed Phoenix Muscle, an online personal training and nutrition program the couple uses to help individuals change their lifestyles remotely. According to Jen, “Healthy eating is a matter of choice. Choosing grilled food instead of fried can cut hundreds of calories off a dish. Today, you can easily find a healthy option on the menu, from fast food to five stars. Don’t forget, any steak or fish restaurant can cook your meal grilled, subtract the butter or steam or grill vegetables!”

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Beyond her preparation recommendations, Jen also noted consuming fluids before a meal can also cut caloric intake. “Often times people are actually thirsty and mistake that for hunger!” Jen also recommended eating meals in this order: vegetables, then protein and finally carbohydrates. “Eating veggies and protein first means you are more likely to be full by the time you reach carbohydrates. If you know you are likely to overeat, ask the server for a to-go box with your food. When your entrée is served, put half of your plate in the box and then enjoy your meal.”

Keeping these tips and tricks in mind, read on for Jen’s top seven places to find healthy bites on Long Island.

Fuel Your Body Café, Hicksville


Surely meeting its namesake, the Fuel Your Body Café has plenty of tasty dishes that won’t break your diet. Try the Mediterranean salad with a hearty protein, like grilled chicken or the bison burger. Go.

Good Eats, Amityville


This farm-to-table restaurant is all about healthy meal planning and weight loss. Try their protein pancakes or a turkey burger with Brussels sprouts. Yes—I said pancakes! And they are totally guilt-free. Go.

Pita House, Patchogue & East Setauket

It’s already been well-documented that the Mediterranean diet is healthy and believed to help you live longer. Try a chicken kabob and sub in grilled veggies with rice for a seasoned and delicious meal that will leave you feeling satiated, but not bloated. Go.

Mannino’s, Commack

Authentic Italian usually reminds you of all the pasta dishes you shouldn’t be eating if you want to stay true to a diet. However, you can still have a great night out with family and friends and keep your body feeling satisfied if you choose an entrée like the seared tuna dinner with spinach. Go.

FatFish Wine Bar & Bistro, Bay Shore


Head to the waterfront and enjoy your date night with a five-star dinner. FatFish’s char-grilled sea scallops with zucchini and eggplant quinoa or organic char-grilled chicken make it mouthwateringly easy to eat healthy. Go.

Lake Grove Diner, Lake Grove

Most associate the diner with the usual late-night mozzarella fries or egg omelettes, but try Lake Grove Diner’s grilled salmon off their low carb menu or the turkey burger with a small Greek salad. For those who really need an egg fix, try the egg white veggie omelette for a healthy breakfast option. Go.

Cause Café, Northport

The Cause Café is a beautiful venue inside and out. True to their name they support hiring individuals with disabilities as well as a sundry of other great causes. Their Buddha bowl or steel cut oats and egg white omelette are excellent choices. Go.