Making Connections at The Work-Shop

Celia Gordon had a vision. Having recently resigned her law firm partnership, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification (YTTC) and was looking to combine her love of the practice, her entrepreneurial skills and her desire to give back, into a business.

Gordon envisioned creating a space where people could connect with one another while learning something new; to foster a community of kindred spirits who shared similar interests.

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As luck would have it, she met Mimma Fico, a local jewelry designer and fellow yogi, at a yoga class. Fico had long dreamed the same kind of dream: “I always wanted to be part of a community of like-minded people who were interested in the same kinds of things I was,” said Fico. “I couldn’t quite find it, so I decided to create it.”

The two women became fast friends. After months of brainstorming, they decided to go into business together and The Work-Shop was born. “We decided to create a kind of hybrid wellness/learning center,” Fico explained. “Our goal was to make a beautiful, comfortable space where people could share thoughts and ideas, learn new things and express their creativity. Many of us are interested in picking up new hobbies or just expanding our knowledge base, but we don’t necessarily know where to find the information—that is what The Work-Shop is all about.”

From their first workshop in April 2016—designing charm bracelets— they were a huge success, with overflowing attendance and enthusiastic participants. “We were blown away by the response,” said Gordon. “We are so thankful and grateful that so many are interested in what we were offering.”

Since that time, almost all of the workshops have sold out. “People who come to one usually end up coming to additional ones,” Fico noted. Some of their most popular ones have included learning how to knit, using essential oils, taking part in a reiki circle, chakra clearing and designing mala beads. “We strive for variety so that we can interest the most number of people.”

It’s the perfect place to achieve “New Year-New You” goals. In addition to workshops, they host a free women’s circle on the last Tuesday of every month, and will soon start up a book club. The place has a community vibe, and some customers are even getting more involved.

“Some of our customers end up becoming presenters,” Gordon pointed out, which is what they had hoped for when they opened. “The workshop provides a place where people can look inward; where beautiful things are created. A night out with friends can sometimes turn into a gossip circle. We wanted to create a space above that; rather than something that brings us down, something that raises our vibration.”

In the eight months since they first opened they outgrew their original location, and in December moved to a larger space in a prime spot in Huntington Village. The new space has multiple rooms yet still manages to feel cozy and intimate. It opens into a large room which doubles as the main workshop space, and which will enable them to offer yoga to their growing list of workshops.

“We plan to feature a local yoga studio each month with teachers from each studio teaching workshops over the course of the month,” said Gordon. “We recognize that yoga is a very personal experience and not everyone resonates with the same teacher or the same studio. Our hope is that people will come to The Work-Shop to sample different teachers’ styles and land at a studio with a teacher who suits them.”

Adjacent to the workshop/yoga room is their retail store, where they sell jewelry (many of Fico’s pieces, as well as other local designers,) candles, crystals, essential oils, bags, journals, hand-carved boxes, soaps, natural deodorant, teas, figurines and their specialty boxes—”Good Vibe Boxes” (all listed and sold through their website as well.)

“The Work-Shop is truly a place for everyone,” said Gordon. “A new year brings a lot of hope and re-birth. Our hope is that people leave inspired to try something new. Sometimes being open to new things encourages us to discover what has actually always been there.”