Say Cha-Ching to 5 Free Money Management Apps

Losing body weight is a common New Year’s resolution—the same can’t be said for wallet weight. But after a holiday season that saw you get roped into buying a present for your friend’s three poodles, in addition to spoiling your newborn niece, you may be seeing red. Get finances back on track and stay organized all year long with five money management apps. The best news? They’re all free.

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Mint gives users everything they need to manage earnings, spending, saving and budgeting in the palms of their hands. People can access credit scores and link the app to accounts such as their bank accounts and 401(k) or IRA, allowing them to see their cash flow in real-time. The app also tracks spending habits and makes suggestions for places users could save some mulah.


Mvelopes creates a roadmap to longterm financial planning. After downloading the app, users answer questions about financial goals and go through a series of security clearances via email to synch the app with their bank accounts. The app separates spending from the total amount in a bank account, which shows users whether or not they are sticking to an optimal budget for their goals or spending based on how much they currently have in their account.

Personal Capital

Hop in the driver’s seat of your financial future with a one-stop shop for money management. Personal Capital allows users to calculate their net worths, set budgets, manage investment accounts and plan for retirement.


Money management can be a rather mundane and sometimes nerve-wracking topic, but Penny brings some banter. Users can ask financial gal pal Penny questions like, “where did my money go?” and she’ll highlight major purchases that caused a dip in their accounts. Her graphs and colorful font help highlight the bottom line, like how much more the user has spent this month than last.


Plan ahead or backtrack by adding past or future expenses to Dollarbird’s calendar. The app will then calculate the impact they had on your balance and breaks spending into categories such as transportation and eating out.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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