5 Things to Eat at Jema

Since opening this fall, Jema is giving foodies (even city dwellers!) another reason to head to Huntington for an evening out. An upscale vibe and unique, delicious dishes are earning this spot some rave reviews.

Joy Mangano, a Long Islander famous for inventions like Miracle Mop, launched the restaurant with Chef Franco Sampogna by her side. The Brazilian-born chef said the menu is influenced by three things: his “Italian heritage,” “youth in Brazil” and “experiences in France.” His goal for every dish is “to bring the community together, and for dining to be a celebratory, social experience.”

Although dishes on the menu change weekly, here are five customers are going back for.

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Quinoa Risotto

Take a break from ordinary risotto and dive into this innovative dish. The restaurant’s quinoa risotto is served as a starter with burgundy truffle and Parmesan to enhance the taste. One Yelp customer says he’s “still dreaming about it.”

Crescent Long Island Duck

Finding well-prepared and delicious duck at a restaurant is often a struggle. But that isn’t much of a problem at Jema. Customers are raving about the restaurant’s Long Island duck, which is served with polenta, olives and capers.

Fish of the Day

Jema Fish

image: facebook.com/jema

Who doesn’t love daily specials, especially when it comes to seafood? From Shinnecock Bay scallops paired with cauliflower and spigarello to halibut with spinach and mussels (pictured above), the creativity in the seafood dishes are worth the trip.

Butternut Squash Tagliatelle

This small creamy dish is a must-have for pasta lovers. Also served as an appetizer, it’s cooked to perfection with some mushrooms added to the mix. You might be tempted to order another plate!

Meyer Lemon Confit, Lime and Vodka Sorbet, Milk Meringue

Jema Dessert

image: facebook.com/jema

The dessert options may not be vast, but the three choices are enough to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal. Aside from its beautiful presentation, the unique lemon treat above puts a fun spin on dessert.

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

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