Enter the Fourth Dimension at Island 16: Cinema de Lux

Wintertime and the weather is freezing. But Island 16: Cinema de Lux in Holtsville began offering more than just an escape from the cold when it opened an MX4D auditorium in November.

“Through the MX4D auditorium, the moviegoer is brought into the film with motion seats, air and water blasts and [neck and leg] ticklers,” said Mark Malinowski, vice president of global marketing for National Amusements, the theatre’s parent company that spearheaded the renovation project. “It really transports the audience into the experience.”

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The effects were carefully crafted to enhance the on-screen action and sound, adding a fourth dimension to traditional theater environments. Guests can embrace the adrenaline rush as their seats rumble and tilt during a space race or immerse themselves in a romantic coastal scene with fog, wind and the delicate scent of ocean air.

Those looking to stay in the third dimension are also in luck. The theater added laser projection technology by Barco to the XPLUS auditorium.

“For films like Rogue One or the upcoming Beauty and the Beast it makes a noticeable difference in the quality of the viewing experience with richer, deeper images.”

Add in the ability to reserve power-controlled reclining seats and suddenly “waiting to Netflix the film from the couch” becomes a less enticing option.

But maximum comfort doesn’t reach its peak without snacks. Island 16’s concession stand was also part of the makeover. It’s now equipped with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, which allows moviegoers to customize their beverage experience through a touch screen featuring 165 different products and flavors. National Amusements and Coca-Cola will partner on various cross-promotional programs throughout the year to spotlight new products and blockbuster films.

“From new screening technology like MX4D and laser projection to our new comfortable seating, our goal at Island 16 is to provide the ultimate viewing experience when going to the movies. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to provide people with a chance to escape everyday life and, for a few hours, be entertained in a way that they cannot be at home.”