9 Things to Know This Month

Cleopatra probably didn’t dissolve her pearls in wine to drink. The acid in wine is not strong enough to dissolve the gems.

Pure silk, sad to say, is basically silkworm spit.

Car-buyers in the later half of the 1950s had the luxury of taking their music with them. Certain makes and models were equipped with built-in record players for the owner’s listening pleasure. Alas, there was a problem with record-skipping and the feature was ultimately abandoned.

Early luxury airplanes boasted high-end dinner services, fine linens and bridal suites. The first around-the-world flight on one of these luxe liners landed in LaGuardia just over 75 years ago.

Does familiarity breed contempt? Scientists say no: people tend to migrate toward lovers who are at the same level of physical attractiveness. Research also points to a lack of long-term happiness if individuals are too much alike.

More than 50 million Americans go camping every year.

Abraham Lincoln reportedly hated the nickname “Abe.”

In every branch of mythology, Cupid is a boy. Generally speaking, he also has wings and a bow and arrow, but he was never intended to represent
an angel.

Platinum jewelry is more expensive because of the density of the material. More of it is required to make the setting and it is more pure than 18k gold.