Common Winter Beauty Problems Solved

Jack Frost has come to town and he’s doing a lot more than just nipping at our noses. Northeast winters are synonymous with dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair and brittle nails, but it doesn’t have to be. Experts shared their pro tips for combating common winter beauty problems.

Dull complexion: A dull complexion is a common wintertime complaint. “With dry weather and the resultant decrease in skin moisture, dead skin cells can accumulate on our skin making our skin appear less vibrant,” said Dr. Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD, founder and owner of The Dermatology & Laser Group in New York. To regain dewy skin, Dr. Akhavan suggested gently exfoliating once a week.

Frizzy hair: During the winter, limit shampooing to once every other day (or better yet once a week). This will allow frizz-fighting natural oils to build up. Switching to an all-natural bristle brush will also help as plastic brushes and combs can contribute to frizz. “Apply a great hair conditioner and use a deep conditioning leave in mask overnight to wake up with locks that are moisturized and smooth,” recommended Brittany Haavaldsrud, founder of womenswear and clean beauty brand Fjordlife.

Chapped lips: Use a scrub to help exfoliate and moisturize. You can purchase one or create your own using raw sugar and coconut oil. The sugar will gently exfoliate and the coconut oil will provide intense hydration. Afterwards, apply a lip balm or oil that contains powerful, dryness-killing ingredients such as Shea butter or hyaluronic acid. Pro tip: “Be sure [the lip balm] doesn’t contain lanolin, which can make chapping even worse,” Haavaldsrud said.

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Dry skin: Sidestep dry skin by applying a ceramide-based moisturizer during winter months. “Cermaide is the main fatty component of our skin’s outer layer and combines with other skin fats to protect the skin from excess water loss,” said Dr. Akhavan, who recommended using CeraVe products. He also suggested looking for gentle cleansers that have built-in moisturizer and keeping shower time to a minimum in order to prevent dryness.

Dry hands and brittle nails: Winter can cause your nails to become dry and prone to breakage. Combat this winter woe by applying nourishing almond oil to the nail bed each night to keep them looking their best, Haavaldsrud recommended. Overusing hand sanitizers and excessive hand washing can also contribute to dry, cracked hands. “If your daily activities require you to frequently cleanse your hands, carry a moisturizer with you to rehydrate your skin after each cleansing,” said Dr. Akhavan.

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