Convenient Connection

Scrambling to send out that last business email while racing a dying cellphone battery and battling TSA lines adds a certain level of stress that need not be the start of a relaxing getaway. In response to travelers’ most frustrating stories, suitcase design company Away developed a carry-on purposed to meet modern needs. The sleek case checks off all the boxes: an unbreakable shell, interior compartments and built-in USB chargers capable of fully charging an iPhone five times over. The removable battery comes with a wall adapter for the suitcase—Away recommends readying the bag with an overnight charge before a trip. Both the company’s Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On models are made to align with the sizing standards of major U.S. airlines. The Bigger Carry-On weighs just slightly more than seven pounds, ideal for those whose baggage seems to gain weight while traveling. $245-695;

cyndi murray

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