Nada’s Notes

fly me to the moon
let me play among the stars
let me see what spring is like on
a-jupiter and mars
in other words…*

you might say navigating the earth is in my bones. aviation is a big part of my family history, and as a private pilot, few things deliver the same distinct pleasure as charting a course or studying a map (literally, but also figuratively). travel is my guilty pleasure—seeing the world, one country at a time, is a lifelong pursuit. and i know i’m not alone in these passions. parallel to my yen for movement, this issue intersects two themes: luxury and travel. because, in ways that are both tangible and abstract, they correlate, sharing a sensibility that stems from the same place: the treasure of unique experiences.

page after page within this edition speaks to luxury as an experience. whether it’s some object of desire, like the bentley bentayga (which has shattered the bar for luxury SUVs), jet skis replete with a cooler in which to store champagne or a portable fireplace modeled after the entrance to the louvre. but make no mistake about it, these stories are not about the stuff so much as what they offer.

our annual luxe list captures this par excellence. the items that fill its pages are distinguishable for the pleasures they provide (ok, maybe also for the status symbols they so obviously are). the aforementioned jet skis are among them, as are four other bespoke items designed to augment the routine into something special. man’s yearning to push the limits of technology and design, to travel the realm of imagination, shows itself in our fast fantasy. a trio of transport captures the latest in renewable energy and sophisticated design to inspire the voyage. as a companion piece, the finer things offers a triumvirate of purposeful, yet precious, trappings that amplify modern luxury. it’s like armchair travel to a better moment.

and when it’s time to leave all that at home, take bon voyage to a whole new level. it starts with precision packing, which some famous globetrotters show us is not as hard as it seems. when accompanied by trusted travel tips, the whole experience can even take a step back toward the golden age of travel (TSA lines notwithstanding). as far as where to throw those darts, our lineup of destinations offers the best to be found in any hemisphere. it starts with warming bones in curaçao, continues with braving slopes in mont-sainte-anne, exploring the alps (warning: you will have to quit your day job) and partaking in the sophistication of singapore.

because forthcoming travels may require upping personal style, our trendspotting pages are the shorthand for your next retail excursion. here comes the night is our alluring fashion story highlighting the resort-ready styles that capture the moments when you want it all to slow down. the wanderlust and gypset of the modern bohemian are made more sophisticated by the savvy of the jet-set, especially when accented by bespoke touches like palladium baubles. and, when venturing into colder climbs, cozy, warming fabrics sacrifice neither style nor contentment.

we invite you to indulge in the details—ours, or those you choose to make your own. right now, at the start of the new year, commit to taking a trip to a better place, real or imagined. just ask tom fabbri, our special adventure consort offering inspiration starting on page 108. he’s traveled from the lowest lows to the highest highs.

fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more*


* “fly me to the moon,” frank sinatra

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.