Precious Metal

Silver and gold are so mainstream. Upgrade with the unexpected luster of palladium. The close cousin of platinum has long been considered a “noble metal” for its rarity and opulence. And it’s more sought after than ever. Hermès has been using it for a collection of bespoke charms and necklaces, and David Yurman recently elevated his aviator glasses with it. But Swarovski brings out the polished glamour inherent in the precious metal with its urban romance-inspired 2017 Gisele Collection. The funky, palm tree motif reflected throughout the line is a nod to Los Angeles, second home to the company’s creative director Nathalie Colin. “Los Angeles is the source of inspiration for the fluid, gypset silhouettes, as well as the must-have palm tree motifs,” she said. Rock the earrings or necklace individually. Or, make a bolder statement by pairing the pieces of the brilliantly hued, palladium-plated line. “Every woman can express her style and mood with this collection by stacking, layering and mixing jewelry with a personal, chic twist,” Colin added.

cyndi murray

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