Transform Your Home With the Finer Things

Transforming a home into a castle is a true hallmark of luxe living. Whether entertaining guests in decadent style or retreating for some R&R before a state-of-the-art fireplace, a sky’s-the-limit lifestyle is the ultimate status symbol. Investing in futuristic technology, fine craftsmanship and exemplary furnishings is a reward for the challenges of daily living. These may not be items of requisite, but they are certainly objects of desire. Then again, for true opulence, there is no distinction between the two.

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Sitting on a Cloud

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In Greek mythology, Elysium is a paradise, a place or state of perfect bliss. Homer’s Odyssey says it’s “where life is easiest for men.” And life has never been easier than when reclining on the innovative Elysium, a high-tech chair that neutralizes gravity and creates a feeling of pure weightlessness. This futuristic furniture is the fruit of 10 years worth of research by British inventor and designer Dr. David Wickett, who earned a Ph.D. in bioengineering in pursuit of perfecting the Elysium.

The advanced carbon fiber frame is ergonomically designed to align perfectly with the human body, offering an optimum combination of support, pressure relief and control. The Elysium’s patented frictionless technology mimics weightlessness by converting the body’s rotational movement into a horizontal motion path, ensuring the sitter is always balanced.

Even the most devoted workaholic recognizes this chair puts the stress of the workday behind. The Elysium is made for relaxation and restoration. No overthinking or fumbling is required to achieve the perfect position—recline the chair or bring it back into an upright position with a wave of the hand.

The Fire Within

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The grill will never again be a one-man island occupied solely by the grillmaster banished to a far off land away from the rest of the partying civilization. iBBQ’s Angara Maximus Barbecue Table brings the action to the table, literally, with a gas-burning grill built into the structure. Even better, the elegant design and clean lines allow it to double as sleek patio furniture large enough to seat eight. The table is made of Iroko, a dense wood that’s not susceptible to rot or insect attack. It also comes with programmable LED lights underneath the tabletop to keep the party running well after sunset.

The Angara is all about the luxury of convenience. A simple touch of a button ignites the burners to deliver up to 45,000 BTU of heat. Each of the three burners is independently controlled and operated ensuring everyone sitting at the table has a fillet cooked precisely to their individual preference. Plus, it also works as a heater to keep the party simmering on brisk summer nights. When the evening is over, no need to agonize over a messy cleanup. The table’s stainless steel grids can be easily removed and put into the dishwasher.

Warming Trend

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When winter’s chill takes hold, cozying up in front of a fireplace is the best seat in the house to warm bones, sip cabernet or unwind with an enthralling page-turner. Wood-burning fireplaces (and all their soot) are becoming passé. In their stead,  chic bio-fireplaces are taking center stage.

A bioKamino floor fireplace, powered by bioethanol, stands out for its versatility and elegance. The company’s Louvre model, inspired by the iconic shape of the Egyptian pyramids and the grand entrance of the famous museum in Paris, juxtaposes modern, clean lines with old-world structure. Its 360-degree glass casing, open on four sides, ensures the soothing flicker of the flame is visible from any vantage point.

It only takes one liter of the odorless, plant-based fuel to sufficiently burn a fire for three-to-six hours. Refilling is also a breeze with bioethanol widely available at major retailers. The unit requires no plug-ins and can be easily moved from one room to another without any installation concerns. Rest it in a quiet corner as a fiery statement piece or gather round with friends and family to discuss your warmer weather plans.

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