GM Club Steak Spices Up Brunch

GM Club Steak isn’t only bringing a unique flair to meat; the recently opened Rockville Centre restaurant is now spicing up brunch with a new menu that puts a spin on some classics.

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“The whole concept of the restaurant was to do things familiar but a little bit different, a little more interesting, so I kind of carried the same approach to brunch,” said George Martin Group’s longtime Executive Chef Frank Greco. “We did things that would be familiar, but also some kind of new take on things.”

Chef Greco worked closely with GM Club Steak’s daily chef for about three weeks to finalize the menu, which offers a variety of food paired with a complimentary Mimosa or Bloody Mary. (Or make it bottomless for $10 more.) The chef made sure the menu was “a good balance of breakfast to lunch.”

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The avocado shrimp toast with cilantro, chiles, lime and pico de gallo. image:

Every Saturday and Sunday (11am-3pm), egg lovers can chow down on one of seven options, including a ham, bacon & forest mushroom omelet and an egg white zucchini omelet; chocolate enthusiasts can indulge in Nutella ricotta filled crepes and sea food fans can order the chili pop shrimp or avocado shrimp toast. Those seeking some healthy options are in luck with the club salad and the cedar planked wild salmon.

Of course meat eaters are also accommodated with the filet mignon bruschetta or one of the most popular brunch dishes, the steakhouse hash skillet (filet mignon tips, red potatoes, caramelized onions, soft sunny-side up eggs, biscuit and béarnaise) served on a little iron skillet. Patrons who come in feeling like they can eat a whole cow can also order a dinner steak even though it’s not on the brunch menu.

GM Club Steak's steakhouse hash skillet. image:

GM Club Steak’s steakhouse hash skillet. image:

Chef Greco also boasts about his favorite entree: morning avocado toast. “It’s kind of like a take on eggs Benedict but being done with an avocado toast so it’s nice, crispy ciabatta with just mashed avocado and then we put the ham, eggs and béarnaise sauce on top,” he said.

And much like the menu, the brunch crowd is also mixed. From 30-year-olds without kids to older diners who enjoy spending the afternoon in town, brunch at GM Club Steak is welcoming to customers of any age.

“It’s a good mix,” Chef Greco said. “The vibe is pretty relaxed; it’s comfortable.”

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

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