What to Eat at Salumi Tapas & Wine Bar

Travelers no longer need to escape to Europe to indulge in authentic cuisine. Salumi Tapas & Wine Bar offers small plates from Italy and Spain for the perfect foodie fix. Adorned with a wood log ceiling, brick walls and mason jars for lights, the rustic atmosphere will make diners forget they’re actually in Massapequa. Guests can’t go wrong with any item on the menu, but there are a few recent dishes that have risen to the top of regulars’ food chains.

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For the Tapas…


The fresh, creamy mozzarella is served over cauliflower puree, grape relish and hazelnuts with a delicious balsamic reduction. Customers have said that this plate is so good, they could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


image: facebook.com/salumibar

image: facebook.com/salumibar

The creamy polenta is made with truffled mushrooms and served in rich madeira sauce. This dish can be ordered as a tapa or plate, but anyone with a lingering appetite should go big or go home with regrets.


Savory empanada fillings change each week, but the flaky house-made pastry crust always remains the same (for obvious taste reasons). Fillings range from pulled pork to risotto, each equally as mouthwatering.

Pork Belly Bocadillo

image: yelp.com/salumi

image: yelp.com/salumi

The pork is slow-cooked in chili-garlic sauce with pickled carrots and cilantro then placed in a house-baked roll to make a tender, salty sandwich. It’s crispy, tangy taste has made it one of the best sandwiches customers have ever eaten.


image: yelp.com/salumi

image: yelp.com/salumi

The grilled octopus is perfectly charred with sauced eggplant, fennel pollen, fried chickpeas and preserved lemon. The chickpeas give the tender octopus a nutty flavor, which is unusual, yet delicious.

For the Meat and Cheese Boards…

Italian Board

image: facebook.com/salumibar

image: facebook.com/salumibar

Cured Italian meats that are hanging at the back of the restaurant are sliced and placed on the board. The meat selection often includes prosciutto and dried sausage, and the Italian cheese selection offers a variety of flavors from aged to young pecorino cheeses. Salumi pairs the customers’ choices with house-made bread, fig jam, olives, fruits, nuts and peppers for a decadent entrée.

Spanish Board

Spanish meats are prepared in a similar way to the Italian meats. The cured meat selection often includes serrano ham and pork loin, while the Spanish cheese selection includes creamy queso and firm-textured manchego. These selections are paired with a fruit paste, almonds, olives and house-made bread. A glass of Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, will give this meal the perfect finishing touch.