10 Things to Know This March

The first baseball mitts were created in the 1870s. before then, using any kind of padded device for catching was thought to show weakness.

Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson were inventors of a repeating rifle. But their business fell onto hard times so they sold their company and their idea to Oliver Winchester, who perfected the gun and gave it his name. No problem. Smith & Wesson went on to their own fame.

Psychologically speaking, risk-takers also show a preference for very spicy foods.

The Chinese are believed to have invented the first bristle toothbrush. Before that, people used rags and/or shredded twigs to clean their teeth.

King Gillette, who invented the disposal razor blade, was also a best-selling author.

During World War II, the paper clip was used as a symbol of resistance in Norway.

Dominoes are basically flattened dice. A standard set of dominoes parallels every possible combination of rolls from a pair of dice.

Percy Lebaron Spencer, the inventor of the commercial microwave oven, was a radar tube expert and ultimately held more than 300 patents—though he dropped out of school at age 12.

In the fall of 1945, ballpoint pens sold at Gimbels in New York City for $12.50 each. That’s more than $165 per pen in today’s wallet.

In 2016, Americans used some 30 billion plastic grocery sacks and 10 billion paper grocery bags.