Flower Power

Flowers are often enjoyed for their delicate, fragile beauty. But the florals in these menswear pieces make a bold statement that’s anything but soft.

Denim jackets have returned as staples. Both Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana ripened the classic silhouette with exquisite embroidery and lush colors that are not your typical garden variety. Dsquared showed large blossoms on even larger oversized puffer coats that certainly aren’t for wallflowers.

If subtle accents are more your speed, a Paul Smith backpack is a perennial favorite. The convenient zippered outside pockets and mini-florets give a faint but lasting impression. Speaking of Gucci, the Italians had full-saturated blooms painted onto their leather pouches (as well as stars and other vandal-approved imagery). Thorocraft offered lace up oxfords with black and white buds and even Stance socks (favored by athletes) incorporated large, tropical jungle colors into their signature, striped crew variety.

Or, you can always do like the models in the Comme des Garçons show and go with the real thing: flower crowns and fresh cut bouquets.