Headset That Delivers

THE EBB OF FLOW of headphone size has swung from minuscule to muscular over the years. Like most things, the choice of style and design are as personal as the fit of a pair of jeans or the shape of a heel. Music hounds, whose sense of sound apparently rivals the precision of hunting hounds and bats, have set the bar of bigger being better. A state-of-the-art auricle accessory should of course sound impeccable, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look every bit as show-stopping too. BÖHM’s B76 Wireless Headset delivers on both fronts. The sleek black and gold coloring earns style points, but it’s the sound quality that sets the B76 apart in a sea of wireless options flooding the marketplace. Advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technology delivers crisp, vibrant sound while the cushioned headset cancels out noise when the sharpest listening is wanted (or true peace and quiet is in order). The foldable headphones are battery efficient, boasting 16 hours of easy listening on a lightning-fast two-hour charge. $169.99; bohmaudio.com

cyndi murray

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