Wear the Pant(suit) This Year With 3 Stylish Looks

Pantsuits were the antidote to “Make America Great Again” hats during the 2016 election. E-Commerce platform Lyst reported Google searches for pantsuits increased by 460 percent in 2016 and the hashtag and Facebook group #pantsuitnation was a rally cry for Clinton supporters. Though she didn’t win the election, Clinton continued to challenge the ways people view women—from politics to fashion. In honor of National Women’s Day March 9, show the world Pantsuit Nation lives on. Kathleen Audent of Your Authentic Image showed Pulse readers how to wear a pantsuit anywhere, anytime.

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Date Night

When Clinton became the first woman to accept the Democratic nomination, she opted for a white pantsuit and simultaneously started a trend—white was the most searched color of pantsuits in 2016, outpacing previous queen black by 7 percent. The podium-friendly look is also a modern one for date nights when warmer weather hits. Velvet, thick-strapped plum stilettos and an on-trend choker keep the outfit from looking too much like business attire. A black cami is a classic topper choice, but Audent suggested keeping the look monochromatic. “Cream or white keeps the look fresh and spring-like.”


As we bid adieu to winter, it’s time to start mixing color back into our wardrobes after a season of black. Ease into it by sporting a Merlot colored suit to work. Brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana have been championing the dark, brooding red for the past few seasons and Audent thinks the alternative to black screams “I mean business,” especially when paired with heels that elongate the leg. Add a little fun to the look with triangular gold earrings.

Cocktail Hour

For playtime, lighten up your look by opting for a gray pantsuit. “A gray backdrop gives you options to add favorite signature pieces without looking overdone.” Keep in step with spring by adding in lace, floral and bright pink details to the look, like Audent did with a cami, purse and shoes.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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