How to Incorporate Stripes Into Your Spring Wardrobe

The countdown to spring has officially begun…And that means spring closet cleaning. Once the dirty work has been taken care of, the fun part is updating your wardrobe with the latest trends. This season, stripes are taking the market by storm with a cheery and approachable vibe. I caught up with Dina Scherer, NYC image & wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and owner of Modnitsa Styling to find out more about how to incorporate stripes into your spring wardrobe.

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Size of the stripe

Stripes are among some of the most loved patterns and come in such a fine variety of widths, directions, sizes and colors. In other words, there really is a stripe out there for almost anyone. “The best way to add them to your wardrobe is to first identify the scale that fits you best (meaning size of the stripe). You want to closely replicate the scale of your facial features so that the stripes don’t feel overwhelming or look too busy.” It is also important to choose the right contrast level. “If the stripes are a very bright color combo or are striking like jet black with diamond white, the pattern might feel a bit strong for a softer complexion.” On the other hand, if the stripes are in a very monochromatic color combo, they might wash someone with a bold complexion out.


Colorful stripes are uplifting with a more fun, youthful and upbeat appeal. Scherer suggested opting for bright colors and combinations that will make them look spring-appropriate. “If you’re not sure how to mix colors together, start with a neutral hue, and then add one color and it’s color complement (color opposite from it on the color wheel)—this way, you’re not overdoing it.”


To make striped garments more transitional and spring-ready, choose lightweight fabrics and blends, including cotton, linen and silk. Looser silhouettes are also more suitable for spring-and-summer as it allows your garments to breathe.


Another valuable way of adding stripes is through your accessories: scarves, watch bands, socks, stockings and even jacket lining details. They add pep to your outfits so you don’t need to invest in larger pieces. “Using stripes in unexpected pieces in your wardrobe (like a watch face) makes them look season-relevant, creative and unique.” Striped details, like a scarf outline, trench coat collar or belt are the perfect way to include stripes without having them overwhelm your look.