Kathy Wakile Gets Ready to ‘Indulge’ on LI

Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile is signing copies of her book Indulge at Cabo in Rockville Centre on March 23.

Kathy Wakile is bringing some more deliciousness to the South Shore—and fans are invited to get up close and personal with the popular reality star. Best known for her role on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Wakile will sign copies of her dessert cookbook Indulge at Cabo in Rockville Centre on March 23 at 7pm. Pulse, which is a media sponsor for the event, caught up with Wakile beforehand and she didn’t hold back about her love for Long Island!

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Pulse: How did your love for making desserts come about?
Kathy Wakile: My love for making desserts started very young. Growing up, my mom made everything homemade like many Italian American immigrants did and [kept] tradition going on here in America. I’m one of five children, so you can only imagine how much cooking and baking was happening in our house. Being the first girl, I was always with my mom and wanted to help in the kitchen any way I could. My first memory was making pudding or la crema as Mom called it. I was about 4-5 years old and she allowed me to help stir the simple ingredients in a saucepan which turned into this velvety decadent dessert. It was then I was hooked!

Do you have any favorite recipes from your cookbook?
I get asked this question a lot. It’s like asking which of my children is my favorite—they’re all my babies. However, I do tend to have my go-to recipes. The lemon dream cheesecake cuties [and the] chocolate peanut butter section is also something I love to make.

Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile’s Chocolate Volcanos. image: facebook.com/kathywakile

Your big Long Island event is coming up, what are you most looking forward to?
I’ve had such a great amount of requests to come visit Long Island, so I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone on the Island. When Filomena Ramunni offered to host a book signing at Cabo, it was a perfect opportunity to meet everyone and have some fun!

Do you like to visit Long Island? 
I love Long Island. Rich (her husband) and I have a lot of friends that live on the Island.

What are your favorite things to do on Long Island?
We love the Hamptons and in fact have had a book signing at the Pottery Barn in Southampton. Everyone is so nice and family oriented—that’s something that our family is really receptive to.

Any lessons you’ve learned from working on reality TV?
Always be true to yourself, whether you’re on reality TV or not.

Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile poses with her husband Richard Wakile.

You are also involved in raising awareness for brain tumors after your daughter’s terrifying experience. Can you talk about your work with the cause?
We were lucky as Victoria’s was benign. Our outcome was great and successful. Unfortunately, there are many families that are not as lucky and so we wanted to help advocate for other children that don’t have a voice.

Finally, is there anything you wish people knew about you?
I enjoy doing appearances as I get the chance to meet people one-on-one and they get to ask me anything directly, which gives up that connection on a real personal level. I like that kind of interaction—making new friends everywhere I go!

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

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