All About Accessories This Spring

Start putting away the winter attire and start piling up on accessories. This spring is all about making an outfit pop with some extra necessities.

“My mantra is to really kind of keep your wardrobe geared more towards the classics that you know you can wear every single day and then really bring in the trends with your accessories,” said style expert Jill Fairchild. “There are so many accessories offered to women that could really completely change a wardrobe.”

The founder of Fairchild Baldwin, a New York City-based accessory brand, offered seven trends in accessories every fashionista should try at least once this spring.

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Jill in Pearls

Fairchild Baldwin founder Jill Fairchild wearing the Mini Bella Necklace from her line.

Go white with pearls

Bring sophistication into your wardrobe this spring. “Pearls are going to have a comeback,” believes Fairchild, who is also making a capsule collection for her own line. Big, long and short pieces are popping up on the runway and have been a staple in the Netflix drama The Crown making their appeal clear.

Mismatch with earrings

Be creative this spring and wear two different earrings. “Take an earring where the top part of it is teal, the bottom part is black and then the other earring is the reverse color combination.” This look can be worn in the office as long as it’s not too loud, Fairchild suggested. Or get even bolder and wear only one big earring. “But you have to be very careful that you could pull that off,” she warned.

Chokers still in vogue

2x2 LIght sapphire

A 2×2 choker in light sapphire from the Fairchild Baldwin line.

These necklaces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But it’s time to step away from the usual black single or double wrap choker with a dangling charm. “When you look at the chokers that are out there, it’s the same old, same old,” said Fairchild, the daughter of W magazine founder John Fairchild. That’s why the designer opted to get more creative with her line (available at Fairchild Baldwin) making chokers with a pop of color and geometric patterns using resin and glass beads. “It’s a completely different look… I didn’t want our chokers to look like everybody else’s.”

Add tassels

This is another trend permeating fashion—and certainly staying awhile. What’s even better? This trend comes in many forms. “Whether they are beaded necklaces, shoes or earrings, you’ll always kind of see that tassel sneaked in there.” Gucci is a trendsetting brand maximizing on this trend with everything from bags, shoes and accessories.

Block the sun in straw

Eugenia Kim


Floppy, fedora or boater? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s straw this spring. Standout straw hats, which complement a black dress nicely, are also the perfect accessory to rock during the summertime. Fairchild recommended ones from Melissa Odabash, a lifestyle brand specializing in swimwear and beachwear, or the more affordable Brixton. Iconic accessory designer Eugenia Kim is also on her list of desired hats.

Think big with bags


Straight off the runway of Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. image:

No need to struggle to fit everything into a little crossbody. “The bigger the better,” said Fairchild. Structured or unstructured oversized bags are a good idea to throw over your shoulder thanks to luxury brands like Coach and Balenciaga who are bringing attention to this convenient trend.

Stay comfortable in sneakers

Those who prefer to be comfortable are in luck since “sneakers will always continue to be big,” Fairchild said. With the success of third party collaborations—notably Rihanna’s popular Fenty line for Puma—sneakers have made their footing in the fashion world.

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

Anna Halkidis is a senior web editor at Long Island Pulse. Feel free to reach out at or on Twitter @annahalkidis.