Pulse Readers Share Travel Nightmares (and Ways to Make the Best of Them)

Travel gives us the chance to explore, experience and indulge our wanderlust. Nightmares aren’t supposed to be on the itinerary, but they happen to the best of us—including Pulse readers. We asked you to share your craziest travel stories and tips for enjoying the dreaded airport delays. Live, learn and lavishly layover.

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Whacked-Out Wanderlust:

@united_ink: “We’ve ran out of overhead storage, you’ll have to check your bag.”

@247arthaus: Trying to find a place to walk the dog! Getting out of Oman when the resident veterinarian was in jail for being drunk and there was no one to approve my dogs papers for entry!

@mstish22: In general I have had nothing but positive experiences. The only one I can think of is on a red eye sitting next to a woman who kept the light on the whole 5 hrs. reading while the whole plane was lights out. No sleep for me. Very rude.

When life gives you a layover, make local lemonade.

@kurzjamie1: Check out any local cuisine inside or outside the airport, or learn something new by talking to a local.

@shasta_fay_rodriguez: If it’s a long enough layover, pop out and enjoy the city you’re in!

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beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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