Army Strong

Camo is something you wore in younger days, like when a rebellious streak took hold and you wanted to prove you were tough. That faded olive t-shirt was like a flag, heralding your inner badass. But camouflage is making itself seen this spring. It’s also a strong counterpoint to the other trends dominating men’s style, like florals (yes, really) and the color of the year, greenery.

Dries Van Noten, for one, had camo representation in nearly everything. There was a patchwork, intricately topstitched quilted jacket that intertwined this motif with much softer, colorful florals. J. Crew, Asos and Visvim stuck with their tried and true. A utility shirt with extra pockets, perfect fit easy chinos, a neutral button-up go-anywhere shirt and everyone’s lifeline, the sneaker, all got the army green treatment.

Other designers took to task that camouflage is not for blending in. The oversized print at Givenchy seemed to be a call to arms by Italian designer Riccardo Tisci who mish-moshed the omniscient “eye of providence” into the mix. Alexander McQueen includes the house’s signature skulls onto a backpack.