What To Watch On Netflix This April

April showers mean more time to stay home and binge Netflix. The network is ready for you to do just that with tons of new content premiering this month. There’s the usual emphasis on comedy along with some exciting new titles in everything from science to crime.

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Returning Favorites: Chewing Gum & The Get Down 

The British sitcom Chewing Gum was a surprise hit when it premiered in the U.S. on Netflix in 2016. Now Tracy Gordon is back and ready to break further away from her conservative, religious shell when season 2 premieres early in the month. Drops April 4.

Part two of season 1 of the groundbreaking series The Get Down will also be released at the beginning of the month. Keep following Zeke, Shaolin, Mylene and the others as they continue trying to make it off the streets of the Bronx and onto radio airwaves. Drops April 7.

New Originals: Girlboss & Dear White People 

Girlboss is a comedy series based on the bestselling autobiography #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. The mind behind the fashion empire Nasty Gal, Amoruso was named one of the richest self-made women in the country by Forbes, and it all started with an eBay store. Britt Robertson will star as the mogul. Drops April 21.

Dear White People is the satirical comedy series based on the 2014 movie of the same name. The series has been controversial since Netflix announced it because, as the title suggests, it’s focused on race-related issues. Drops April 28.

Laugh Out Loud: Win It All, Sandy Weller & 2017

Louis C.K. will premiere his first stand-up special to stream exclusively on Netflix this month. It was filmed in Washington D.C. and is simply titled 2017. Drops April 4.

In Win It All, Jake Johnson plays the unlucky Eddie Garrett, who agrees to watch a duffle bag for an acquaintance heading to prison. He finds money inside and spends it all, but must win it back quickly when he learns the man is being released early. Drops April 7.

Like it or not, Adam Sandler’s Netflix takeover is still going strong. Sandy Wexler is the third of four films he has produced exclusively for Netflix. Sandler plays the title character, a talent manager who discovers an aspiring singer (played by Jennifer Hudson) while visiting an amusement park. The two proceed to fall in love over a decade. Drops April 14.

Movie Night: Sand Castle 

Sand Castle is a Netflix original drama set during U.S. occupation of Iraq. A group of American soldiers protect an Iraqi village in this war drama. Drops April 21.

The Wonderful World of Science: Mystery Science Theater 3000 & Bill Nye Saves the World

Netflix upholds its reputation as the go-to network when feeling nostalgic. Both science-related titles this month are revivals of sorts. The cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The show will feature all new skits and hilarious reviews of B-list movies. Drops April 14.

It’s hard not to be excited for Bill Nye Saves the World. Our favorite science guy is back on the small screen, this time to host a talk show that will cover scientific topics from global warming to sex. It’s jam-packed with special guest stars assisting Nye in wacky experiments. Drops April 21.

Crime Time: Casting JonBenét & Small Crimes 

There are two vastly different crime-related films premiering on the same day this month. In the drama Small Crimes, a former cop serves a six-year sentence for attempted murder and returns home only to learn that it’s not easy to change.

Casting JonBenét is a documentary film that reflects on the unsolved murder case of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey—and it promises to be different than the other films about the crime. It was filmed over 15 months in her hometown in Colorado allowing those close to the Ramsey family to reflect on the circumstances and myths associated with the tragedy. Both drop April 28.

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