Skincare That Gives Faces a Lift

Spring is a time for renewal. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and warm sunshine has made a welcomed return. Take Mother Nature’s cue and shake off the old to begin anew with cutting-edge skin refreshers, no surgery required. Leading dermatologists agree that these latest tech-savvy procedures will help skin bounce back from anything winter—or age—has thrown its way.

The Novalyft
What it is: Consider it a facelift without the surgery (and the pain). Novalyft uses injectable threads that non-surgically lift sagging skin tissues and plump lips, explained James Marotta, M.D., FACS, of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists of Smithtown. The injectable sutures help activate the body’s natural repair mechanisms, stimulating new collagen growth.
Why it’s different: Get a rejuvenated appearance with practically no downtime. “This differs from energy-based treatments, such as Thermage, because you don’t have to wait for the results,” Marotta said. “It is way less invasive than a facelift with effects that are temporary, lasting six months to a year. The old thread lifts used permanent sutures that had a higher rate of dimpling and puckering of the skin. The newer threads are much safer with few side effects or risks.”
The clientele: Anyone, men or women, with mild to moderate facial, neck and body sagging or patients who want to add volume to the lips without using fillers.

The Vampire Facial
What it is: This favorite of Kim Kardashian West sounds pretty bloody and, not surprisingly, it is. “This procedure uses the body’s own platelets to stimulate collagen and generate healthy skin,” Marotta said.
Why it’s different: After giving blood, a centrifuge is used to concentrate the patient’s platelets. Micro-needling then creates tiny holes in the skin, which in turn allows platelet rich plasma to penetrate the area. The result is a collagen-stimulating effect. In essence, the doctor is using the patient’s own blood to stimulate collagen and fill-in wrinkles. “This facial is more effective at addressing fine lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen then traditional facials or microdermabrasion. Plus, there is much less recovery than with laser or chemical peels.”
The clientele: Anyone looking for more youthful skin, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?

The Nefertiti Lift
What it is: Named for the famously beautiful Egyptian queen, this procedure helps define patients’ jawlines and give the appearance of a smoother neck—just like Queen Nefertiti. “The Nefertiti Lift uses injections of neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport along the jawline in precise doses,” Marotta said.
Why it’s different: Aging causes loss of volume and skin laxity that can result in a droopy jawline, downturned mouth and flattened cheeks. Prior to this lift hitting the market, there were very few ways of achieving a more defined jawline, especially with non-surgical options, Marotta claimed.
The clientele: Those with a bulky or poorly defined jawline caused by muscle contraction.

The Halo
What it is: The Halo procedure multitasks by targeting skin discoloration and wrinkles at the same time, explained Bradley Bloom, M.D., of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey. As the name suggests, the laser treatment promises to give an angel-like glow with minimal recovery time.
Why it’s different: “What makes this technology so special is that it combines two wavelengths of light in a single treatment so we can customize treatments to precisely target skin damage for each individual,” Bloom explained. “It also uses technology called dynamic thermal optimization, which allows us to continually monitor the skin temperature during the treatment so we can ensure consistent effective treatments.”
The clientele: Because doctors can customize the treatment precisely, this procedure works for patients of any age.

The Silhouette InstaLift
What it is: A new non-surgical procedure to contour the face and lift sagging skin for a more youthful and vibrant appearance.
Why it’s different: This procedure is a facelift, minus the surgery or downtime. “The Silhouette InstaLift uses fully absorbable sutures with absorbable cones placed in the skin at a simple in-office visit,” Bloom said. “The sutures immediately lift the skin, reposition sagging fat pads and with time make the overall skin appear less tired.” Similar to the Novalyft, the skin eventually absorbs the sutures, stimulating more collagen growth for a smoother appearance.
The clientele: This is ideal for the 40-plus crowd who is seeking a more youthful appearance without the surgery a traditional facelift requires.

What it is: Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that creates natural looking, neatly arched eyebrows using a precision, hand-held microblade, said expert Kimberly Bastible, MS, RPA-C, CPCP, FAAM at Naturally Beau in Huntington. “Technically, microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing,” she explained. But, don’t expect a cartoonish result.
Why it’s different: “Unlike traditional tattooing, which uses a machine, microblading artists apply each hair stroke with a handheld microblade. This produces a very fine line that resembles real hair.” Keep in mind that microblading usually takes two appointments to complete and won’t last as long as other eyebrow tattooing techniques.
The clientele: Microblading is ideal for people with sparse, thin eyebrows or those who want more defined brows. Note: Bastible warns there are certain people who should avoid microblading, including those with frail, thin skin.