5 SmallCakes Patchogue Treats With Big Flavor

Kimberly Burkart and Nicole Ramirez, former Stony Brook University club soccer players, teamed up again to open SmallCakes Patchogue

Kimberly Burkart and Nicole Ramirez, former Stony Brook University club soccer players, teamed up again to open SmallCakes Patchogue

Patchogue’s Main Street has become a dinnertime destination—and it’s only getting better with restaurants like Swell Taco opening this spring. But a new cupcake shop is making a name for itself as the place to go for dessert.

SmallCakes Patchogue opened in February, marking the first Long Island location for the national chain. It’s not your average bakery—there’s ice cream and cookies for the devouring too—and everything is made fresh in-house daily.

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“We start baking fresh every morning at 6:30,” said Nicole Ramirez, a Manorville native who teamed up with former Stony Brook University club soccer teammate Kimberly Burkart to open SmallCakes. “That’s the biggest difference [between SmallCakes Patchogue and a grocery store bakery], the freshness and the moistness of the cake.”

In other words, a trip to SmallCakes Patchogue is like a trip back to your childhood kitchen—and who couldn’t use one of those every once in a while? Next time you go out in Patchogue, save room for dessert. These five SmallCakes treats are worth blowing your swimsuit diet.

Hot Fudge Cupcake

SmallCakes Patchogue

This cupcake is the cherry on top of a trip to Patchogue

Ramirez and Burkart like to put this cupcake towards the end of the counter by the door. “It’s a very visually appealing cupcake,” Burkart said. Your mom may have told you not to judge a book by its cover, but ignore her just this once because the hot fudge cupcake is better than it looks. The sweet indulgence is a chocolate cake with a fudge center topped with white buttercream, hot fudge, peanuts and of course, a cherry.

Chocolate Cream Cupcake

It's like Hostess -- but better

It’s like Hostess — but better

The chocolate cream cupcake has a white buttercream center, rich and thick fudge icing on top mixed with a swirl of white butter cream. If it looks, tastes and sounds familiar, it’s because it is. “It’s kind of a spin-off of the hostess cupcakes so a lot of people recognize it and know what to expect on the inside of it but it’s richer and more moist because it’s made here every morning,” Burkart said.

Peanut Butter Cup

smallcakes patchogue

The peanut butter cupcake combines the best in dessert: chocolate and peanut butter

It’s no surprise SmallCakes Patchogue runs out of this cupcake daily—chocolate and peanut butter are pretty much the holy grail of dessert food. The offering consists of a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing. “The cream cheese makes it different,” Ramirez said. “Most of our cupcakes are butter cream.” (Classic red velvet is another one with cream cheese icing.) Cut-up Reese’s on top complete the treat.

Cookie Sandwich

Forget the Cookie-which and indulge your tastebuds in a sandwich made with fresh-baked cookies and house-made ice cream. At SmallCakes Patchogue, guests can choose between chocolate chip, red velvet and double chocolate chip cookies (or a combo of two of the three) and a flavor of ice cream to sandwich in between. Forget dessert—lunch goals, anyone?

Cupcake Smash

smallcakes patchogue

There’s no need to choose between a cupcake and ice cream

For the indecisive guest who can’t choose between ice cream and a cupcake, SmallCakes Patchogue can serve up the best of both worlds. The cupcake smash sandwiches generous scoops of ice cream in between the top and bottom of the cookie. It’s all served in a plastic cup.

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