Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar Coming to Seaford

It’s possible you’ve never met an ice cream you didn’t like, but (guaranteed) your spoons have never been as happy as they will be when you dig into a dessert this fun. Owner of Cara Mia Restaurant and Park Place Restaurant & Bar, Sergio DeCiantis, is bringing Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar to Seaford July 9.

“Everyone loves cereal, [sugary] toppings and ice cream,” DeCiantis said. “I wanted to create a fun ice cream experience where people of all ages can choose their own cereal or toppings that will be swirled into soft serve.”

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And the possibilities are endless. There will be 20 different cereals with staples like Reese’s Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes. Plus, toppings ranging from cannoli shells, cannoli cream and chocolate chips to cheesecake bites, brownie bites, cookie dough, Oreos and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Six predesigned options are also in the works. DeCiantis spilled some details on the tiramisu shake made with tiramisu cake, lady finger cookies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch as well as the yet to be named ice cream containing Reese’s Puffs, Cocoa Puffs and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

DeCiantis plans to have local high school or middle school students create another predetermined ice cream combination as well. “I want to let the kids input their suggestion and name their own ice cream combination each month…we then suggest a winner…and that kid will get free ice cream for the month (once a day). It’s something fun for them and gets them involved.”

DeCiantis also wants the name Spoons to be integrated into the space from the moment people walk inside. To make this possible, he plans on hanging tons of regular-sized cooking spoons covered in shiny acrylic varnish from the ceiling.

He’s also working on having a glass countertop filled with cereal underneath and having a friend make the American flag and a map of Long Island out of cereal. Plus, there will be a small bar and outdoor seating for customers.

“People are excited about food and I want them to come in Spoons and say I want six different cereals in my ice cream…because they can.”

Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar will be located at 3935A Merrick Rd, Seaford