Video: 4 Pooches Looking For Homes this Spring

Out with the old and in with some sweetness during this year’s spring cleaning. North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington has four pooches patiently waiting to enjoy the soon-to-be warm weather with a new best bud. And these camera ready dogs are even cuter in person.

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Milo: This international pooch, rescued from Project Street Dog in Thailand, is quickly adjusting to life overseas. The Akita/Husky mix is a playful pup who adores the company of human friends—and that includes children. His energy makes him a great fit for homeowners with a fenced-in backyard allowing him to prance around as much as he likes.

Vanda: Fully trained and house broken, this sweet Lab/Terrier mix was rescued from Marion County Animal Shelter in South Carolina. She’s a great companion for anyone who likes to snuggle—Vanda loves to be petted all day long! She’ll also accompany you while tanning since she enjoys feeling the sun on her fur as much as getting belly rubs.

Precious: Originally rescued from Tennessee, this Shep/Akita mix was living in a home since she was a puppy. Sadly, her owner recently passed away leaving her in the shelter to wait for a new forever home. North Shore Animal League America describes her as “sweet and kind as could be.” A few more pluses: Precious is fully trained, house broken and gets along well with most other dogs.

Andrea: This Rotti/Hound mix is the perfect four-legged companion for a laid-back owner. Rescued from Fulton County Georgia, Andrea would do best in a “calm and quiet household” since she isn’t a fan of too much action. It may take a little while for her to get comfortable with a new face, but it will all be worth it once she does.

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

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