Fueling the Fire Within

Fay Salgado of Franklin Square has done everything from store openings to having her own clothing line and working 20 years in retail at stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Valentino Boutique NYC. But theses days, there’s something else fueling her fire: candle making.

“I’m a creator. I love to brand a product,” Salgado said. “I’ve always been in the retail industry, but I just took the plateau and [went] into home goods instead of apparel. The majority of homes have a candle.”

The plateau from apparel to home goods came from her inner passion for art. “I had a vision one day and just went with it,” she said. “I love the perfection of art, which is limitless in my mind.”


Salgado decided to add a little flare from her own home to the line, FS Designs Inc., which will be sold at faysalgadohome.com and in major retail stores in the coming weeks. The Iowa native returned to her roots by partnering with Candleberry, a 30-year-old candle company based in Kentucky, where her father was born.

The partnership is the first time Candleberry has formed a partnership with a single entrepreneur. “They offer a product that people feel loyal and passionate about,” Salgado said. “Loyalty and passion are two things that make a company great.”

Salgado’s target audience may surprise some: it’s men. Salgado, who is married to former college football player Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado, came up with a unisex fragrance made of European natural oils, using soy blend ingredients.

Salgado hopes the line, which will be sold at will help give a little light to others’ lives. She will also partner with a charity to donate a percentage of her company’s profits.

“I’ve traveled all over and done some really interesting things in my life, but at the end of the day, the most passionate thing that I’m doing right now is this line. It took me back to my Midwest roots and also gave me the opportunity to give back to help children.”