Popular Bay Shore Burger Joint Coming to Patchogue

Bay Shore magnet Local Burger Co. is making its way to downtown Patchogue this summer and the question on everyone’s mind is: will the buns be stamped “Made in Patchogue?” The answer is yes. The joint known for its unique logo-stamped buns and laid-back local vibe will open a second location directly across from the 291-unit New Village at Patchogue complex.

“Patchogue for us was a no-brainer,” said co-owner Alyssa Martino. “It is such a fun, vibrant town and we fell in love with the space in the middle of the village once we saw it.”

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The new location will be about 4,000 square feet, nearly double Bay Shore’s 2,200-square-foot space. The design elements are still in the works but Martino promises the rustic barn wood and bright red vibrant color will be the same as they are in Bay Shore.

“When we walked into the Patchogue building, it [instantly] gave us a more old-school factory feel. We definitely want the style to complement that.”

Menu items will also be consistent with the flagship location. “We are really happy with where we are at. Our menu is fresh (nothing frozen) and we would like to keep it that way; if we expand the menu we may not be able to do so.”

There will be fun specials like Bay Shore’s glazed and confused, a glazed doughnut with a bacon cheddar burger in the middle. Martino advises not to knock it till you try it because, “it’s really awesome and fun.”

The drinks in each location will also be the same. But Patchogue’s bar will be slightly bigger, holding 15-20 seats compared to Bay Shore’s eight. The additional space can also hold a few more of the restaurant’s monster tables that seat 10-14 people.

“We want to create a nice communal dining experience. It is all about being together and we are going to do just that in our [signature] friendly and family-orientated style.”