NYDJ National Fit Tour Coming to Long Island

Local women may soon be a part of a national campaign. NYDJ’s National Fit Tour will stop at Roosevelt Field Mall Saturday, April 29. The leading denim brand is searching for women to star in its next Fit is Everything campaign, set to launch in July.

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From 11am-6pm, women will get the model treatment. Celebrity stylist Inge Fonteyne will fit hopefuls in jeans and Hairsay salon will take care of their hair and makeup. Then, they will have their photographs taken.

There’s another wrinkle in these clothes—and it’s an altruistic one. For every pair of jeans tried on throughout National Fit Four, NYDJ will donate an item of clothing to Clothes4Souls, an organization that collects new and used pieces for people in need.

Kate Foster, NYDJ’s CMO and EVP shared the inspiration behind the campaign and why everyday women are the brand’s best representatives.

This is the first year the National Fit Tour is taking place. Where did the inspiration come from?
This whole concept is inspired by the current Fit is Everything campaign. We invited women who never wore NYDJ to come to a casting where we filmed them trying on our jeans for first time and we captured their authentic reactions. They were all blown away how comfy and flattering the jeans were. Then we invited a handful of women featured in that video to stay for rest of day and we shot them for a digital and print campaign. It was such a fantastic and remarkable day that was full of fun and community…we thought, “Wow we should take this on the road.”

Why is this experience so unique?
What we are doing is really wild and unheard of in the world of fashion. Normally, [photo shoots] take place in a very controlled environment in terms of lighting, models and a [full] seamstress, hair and makeup staff. We are trying to replicate that experience in a pop-up studio because we believe every women can find jeans from NYDJ that fit right on the spot, as if they were designed just for her.

Were you at all nervous about the success of the fit tour? How do you make sure it looks great in the end?
With any event, you have a moment where you wonder if anybody will show up, but we’ve been blown away by the turnout and positive response to the events in San Diego and Minneapolis. This event has been a true team effort to produce and offers fabulous styling, incredible fitting jeans, a little glam and a whole lot of fun at our pop-up photo shoot experience.

Why do you feel it’s important that everyday women represent the brand?
Consumers are everything to us and we had conversations with consumers where they tell us how amazing they feel when they wear our jeans: sexy, beautiful, radiant and confident. We wanted to be able to project that and celebrate that kind of “aha” moment that comes from slipping on our jeans.

What about Clothes4Souls specifically stood out to NYDJ?
Clothes4Souls is an incredible organization that first launched a footwear donation program under the name Soles4Souls. They built a solid reputation for their charitable giving…We were thrilled when they launched a clothing donation division as Clothes4Souls. They do great work to help women in need, and empowering other women is very important to our community of customers.