5 Ways to Rock Denim This Spring

Denim is the ultimate wardrobe companion. Dressy, grungy, artsy, casual or classic, the outerwear chameleon, which fashion magazines often focus on in fall issues, is equally perfect for spring. Personal fashion stylist Janel Alexander of Build By Janel shared expert tips on how incorporate denim into your spring wardrobe.

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Mix denim shirts with colored bottoms

Crayola-colored denim went out a few years ago, but some warm pinks and olive greens are making their way in with brands like Paige, Neiman Marcus and J Brand. “A denim shirt is a great way to ground colored denim bottoms. Too much color can leave you looking like your child’s Crayola box.”

Denim outerwear

Nowadays, denim is being produced in spring outerwear beyond the traditional jean jacket. “Blazers, trench coats and shackets (a combination of a shirt and a jacket) are now in denim and make the perfect finishing piece for a crisp cool spring morning.” Alexander recommended a lightweight option like this one from The Great, a women’s collection that offers a playful, often nostalgic take on American classics.


Denim is transitioning into shoes in the form of everything from high end sneakers (Golden Goose) to strappy sandals (Sergio Rossi). “After all, denim is the perfect neutral.”


Designers are creating their most coveted shapes in denim that is tattered, multi-washed and mixed with gold and silver hardware. Take Chanel’s small handbag and Loewe’s seamed multi-wash denim bucket tote that allow wearers to take all their spring belongings with them.

Traditional jeans-but not so traditional

According to Alexander, “It can be hard to find a denim style out there today that does not look like it was run over by a truck, ripped while falling four stories from a building or bleached in the sun since the 70s.” Embrace a more subtle form of denim distressing. A simple small tear on one leg or a washed panel turndown hem lets you wear the trend without it wearing you.