Meet the Doctor Who Re-Fills the Fountain of Youth

Dr. Marina Peredo of Schweiger Dermatology Group blends science with art when she performs filler treatments on her clients in Smithtown and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The filler procedures she performs add volume and smooth the skin through tiny injections. 

“I can make someone into the best version of themselves,” Peredo said. 

And she says more and more people are using it to prevent aging rather than turn back the hands of time.

“[I’m] seeing more and more Millennials and men. They want to stay younger looking. They’re into fitness and want their faces to match their bodies.”

This spring, tell Father Time to take a hike. Peredo shared insight on the procedure, new technologies and how she gets her clients to feel as relaxed as their faces in her office. 

Peredo Headshot

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how you got into this field?
I’m a board-certified dermatologist. My main focus is the aesthetic side of dermatology. I primarily do injectables, laser treatments, body contouring— anything beauty. My favorite procedure is fillers. You can definitely transform someone’s face. It’s not just rejuvenation. You can take someone who is young and reshape the size of their face to make it more symmetrical.  

What advice would you give someone interested in getting a filler?
Every injector is an artist. Obviously, someone has to be well-trained because it’s a medical procedure, but I would go to someone whose medical ability and artistic style I trust. 

What’s your signature style as an injector?
I’m minimalistic. I make it look like someone never had anything done. When I do injectables, I take each patient’s lifestyle into consideration. Some people don’t wear makeup and want something very subtle, which I love. Some people may be a bit more glamorous and they may need just a tiny bit more. I try to focus on their signature features, like their eyes, and highlight that. Each individual has intrinsic beauty and if I can enhance that, I know I’ve done my job.  

How many treatments do clients need?
It depends on the treatment and what people need. With fillers, especially if you start someone young, it may be once a year. 

What are some new technologies you’re excited about? 
The new technology doesn’t have a lot hyaluronic acid, which makes them very safe. It is called “XpresHAn” technology and it’s different cross-linking of the gels. It focuses on the lower face, the corner of the mouth where you have the most movement. A lot of times that is the area that ages first. These fillers blend into the skin and move with it. When you smile, laugh and talk, it’s not noticeable with proper injection. These are great for patients who have never had anything done. For patients who worry about looking “done,” it lasts about a year. It gives you the most natural looking result. 

How do you make your clients feel comfortable?
I start with a consultation. I make sure I explain what we are going to do. I ask the patient about their medical history. If they have a history of cold sores they may need medication before the procedure. I find out if they’ve had other fillers. I look for what they want to achieve. Sometimes people come in for one small wrinkle not realizing other things can be done to improve their appearanceI take a long time to educate patients. The staff takes pictures during the consultation to show them different angles they may not have noticed before. I take their lifestyle into consideration—Do they smoke? Do they drink? Are they active? Then, I create a long-term plan. It’s not just one injection, it’s a journey to transformation that’s no different than eating or working out.