Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Recipe

The short version of Keith’s Nervous Breakdown’s inception is this: Life gave Keith Davis limes and he made margaritas. The long story: Davis missed a 3-foot putt on the 19th green and lost to a friend. He decided to commiserate with a margarita at the club’s bar, and as he was sipping his pink drink his friend came in and said, “Keith just had a nervous breakdown on the 18th hole!” A mixer was born, and Davis has advice on just how to use it.

Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita

Yield:  1 drink


Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix
Premium Blanco (silver) tequila
Chilled glass with salted rim


  1. Add 3oz of Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix
  2. Add 2oz of Premium Blanco (silver) tequila
  3. Add 1oz of Cointreau
  4. Shake vigorously and pour into a chilled glass with salted rim
  5. Garnish with slice of lime and orange
beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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