Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Blended Family

Mother’s Day is supposed to be all about fun, celebration and relaxation for mom. But for blended families, it can be a day filled with anxiety and confusion. Stepmothers often find themselves navigating through the complications the holiday (and every day) can bring. 

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Jennifer Zelman, creator of the vblog for stepmoms nachomom.club, has experienced Mother’s Day both as a stepchild and stepmom. On Wednesday, May 10 at noon, she’ll share tips for handling some common issues that may arise during a blended family’s Mother’s Day celebration in a Facebook Live with Pulse. Also an acclaimed makeup artist, Zelman will be including a makeup tutorial for a fresh, natural, Mother’s Day look so stepmoms will not only feel good about their day, but also look good.

Tuning in is easy. Simply log onto facebook.com/li.pulse May 10 at noon. An archived video will be available immediately following the broadcast.