Get Fenced In This Summer (It’s a Good Thing)

As summer nears, life moves outdoors. Pool parties, barbecues and impromptu backyard cornhole tournaments become the norm. But, the professionals at National Metal Industries, a family-owned business that started nearly 70 years ago in Brooklyn and grew into a national brand, believe what surrounds your yard can be just as important as the food and fun Long Islanders enjoy on it every summer. Vice President Mike Levy gave tips for picking the perfect fence (hint: it may not be a white picket after all).

How does being family-owned help you cater to your customers?
We treat each customer like a family friend, taking interest in their project and specific needs is of the upmost importance to us. We enjoy the process of meeting with our customers, hearing about their project and getting to learn about the inspiration behind the project itself. For example, a new home owner renovating a yard or parents getting their backyard ready for a graduation party. This drives us. To us it’s not just about selling fencing, we enjoy building lasting relationships with our customers, which is different than the profit-driven mentality many big box stores have. We take pride in knowing the customer walks away satisfied with their purchase.

Custom Gazebo-2

Summer is coming. What are some must-try renovations and products to make your property look like it’s in tip-top shape for entertaining?
We have woodgrain PVC fencing in new styles like the Breezewood by Bufftech (CertainTeed). In addition to fencing, we also offer poly-outdoor furniture, arbors, gazebos, sheds and cabanas. Adding a pergola or cabana poolside can turn an ordinary pool into a spa-like oasis, offering shade and decorative structure to your backyard. We also have arbors and plant beds for the gardening connoisseur. For our beachside customers, we offer Adirondack chairs and swings for the days when you just want to sit back and relax with your toes in the sand.

Sounds like people can vacation without leaving their backyards.
Traveling is getting more and more expensive these days. Our goal is to offer fencing that can essentially frame out the beautiful landscape of your backyard, making it the complete outdoor oasis for a family “staycation.” We have a wide variety of traditional fencing like the classic white picket fence as well as more contemporary from our SimTek line that has the natural look of stone and is made from eco-friendly materials. These fencing options and wholesale pricing make it affordable to purchase quality materials that are built to last.

What are types of fences to consider if you want your yard to be safe for kids?
We stress every summer to make sure the proper measures are taken for pool and waterfront safety. We sell top-of-the-line fencing, railing and hardware for child safety.

How about dogs?
As owners of dogs, we feel the same fencing and railing that keep children safe work for pets and dogs. It is important to make sure all gates are properly set up with self-closing hardware. We also offer safety latches that require keys to open, which gives an extra step of protection and security to your yard.


How about if you’re going more for style points?
PVC fencing is a huge market on Long island, but people are looking for fences that don’t stand out like a white PVC. A lot of customers are tired of white and are looking for other colors and styles. We especially love the Bufftech Vinyl Fencing line. It offers earth tones and textured grain look of wood that won’t fade or weather with the Northeast’s ever-changing seasons.

What are you most looking forward to about summer entertaining on Long Island?
We work hard here at National Metal Industries, so I know I want to enjoy my home when I get there. I want my company to have a pleasant time at my home. Knowing the job by my contractor was done properly is a huge plus. I want to know my summer is full of enjoyment for myself and company, and knowing the job was done correctly puts my mind at ease. National Metal Industries is open to the public for both residential and commercial home owners and contractors. No project is too big or small!

Get fenced in this summer. Learn more about National Metal Industries here.