Hampton Chocolate Factory Hits Greenport


image: hampton chocolate factory

Greenport’s ferry terminal to Shelter Island is pretty sweet, but nothing can compare to a taste bud excursion. Westhampton sweet shop Hampton Chocolate Factory put a stake in the North Fork when it opened in Greenport May 26. Visitors can ditch summer diets in favor of a new frozen hot chocolate and signature village ice cream flavor.

“We noticed Greenport has become a foodie spot on the East End,” said Evan Gappelberg, who opened Hampton Chocolate Factory with his wife Caroline Gappelberg a year ago in Westhampton Beach. “It is a destination and [that is] really what the Hampton Chocolate Factory is: a destination for a chocolate experience.”

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The new location is stationed next to Claudio’s on Main Street, a third bigger than the Westhampton building. Design elements like white-paneled counters and bright red chandeliers are identical to the flagship space.

“[Hampton Chocolate Factory] is a brand…We want the look and feel to be the same.”

But the Gappelberg’s are willing to play with a few new tastes. The frozen hot chocolate allows customers to choose between a base of vanilla or chocolate for a thick milkshake-like consistency. They can top the base with crushed Oreos (cookies and cream), marshmallow, crushed graham crackers and caramel (s’mores), chocolate chips (original), coconut or creamy caramel.

“It is kind of like a deconstructed milkshake. The toppings are piled on top and the customer gets both a spoon and a straw to either eat the toppings or mix them all in.”

The homemade artisan ice cream sandwiches, which can be dipped in pure dark chocolate or milk chocolate, are the same, but there is a new flavor distinctive to Greenport. Aptly named, “the Greenport,” the treat comes with a snickerdoodle cookie on one side, chocolate chip on the other and salted chocolate ice cream filling. The Gappelberg’s only use Valrhona and Guittard chocolate in their products because they aim for exceptional quality.

“Comparing chocolate is like comparing cars…Honda is a great car but if you want a Rolls-Royce it is a whole other experience: hand-crafted, detailed…same thing with our chocolate.”