Say Ohm at Yoga Nidra Long Island Classes

Yoga trends come and go. Some may be dismissed as fads (goat yoga, anyone?) but many have stood the test of time. One such example is Yoga Nidra. It has recently seen an uptick in popularity on Long Island.

Yoga Nidra can be described as a state of conscious relaxation. It is typically practiced lying down with eyes closed. Pillows, blankets, bolsters and other props are used to support the body. An instructor typically guides students through a practice which leads them into a state of Yoga Nidra, eventually reaching a sort of conscious deep sleep. As the conscious mind sinks deeper and deeper, the unconscious can open up, allowing new levels of thinking to arise.

To try the practice, all students should get comfortable workout clothes, a pillow and an open mind. Experience the bliss for yourself (with no goats in sight) at these Yoga Nidra Long Island classes.

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Long Island Center For Yoga, Babylon

Long Island Center for Yoga sets the stage for a blissful relaxation. Yoga Nidra classes, currently held on the first Friday of every month at 12:30pm, take place in a studio lit only by candlelight. To increase students’ tranquility, the center will often incorporate aromatherapy into the practice. A mini Yoga Nidra practice is also included in the studio’s regular weekly yoga classes while students rest in savasana. Phone: 631-893-5445 | Address: 107 East Main St. Click to try

Mindful Turtle, Yoga and Wellness, Setauket and Montauk

Mindful Turtle views Yoga Nidra as the goal of all yogis: the state of consciousness where thoughts cease and withdrawal of the senses can occur. To help students achieve this state, the studio encourages them to start their evenings with Yoga Yin. These supine poses help stretch the connective tissue around the joints. Students then experience Yoga Nidra in the studio’s serene, dimly lit rooms. Nearby, a diffuser fills the space with aromas of essential oils, helping attendees breathe easier. Phone: 631-721-1881 | Address: Setauket: 6 South Jersey Ave, Montauk: 34 S Erie Ave. Click to try

Yoga Nanda, Garden City and Long Beach

Cara Joanna & Kristen

Yoga Nanda’s one hour Yoga Nidra class takes place every Sunday from 6:30-7:30pm. During the practice, students take a mental body scan, bring awareness to their breath and set a positive intention (sankalpa) for themselves as soothing music plays. The staff’s goal is to help students put their conscious minds into the background and allow their subconscious to step forward. Phone: 516-307-9007 | Address: 55 Hilton Ave. Click to try

Yoga Nidra Workshops, Various Locations

In addition to classes, Yoga Nidra can be experienced by taking workshops and private and group sessions. Nancy Rich, E-RYT 500, who received her Yoga Nidra certification through California College of Ayurveda & Sivananda Institute of Health and Yoga, runs ongoing weekly Yoga Nidra workshops. People can take them at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn, Yoga Love Project in Huntington, Oyster Bay Yoga, Kundalini Yoga of Long Island in Northport and The Funky Om in Huntington. Click to try