Mineola Diner Gets Generous-Sized Update

Long Island’s favorite 1946 Mountain View diner finally got an update. Willis Avenue’s Mineola Diner has gone from tight corner spot to relaxed and family friendly as owners Shane Fritsche and Michael Alpert reopened June 2 with an all-new interior and expanded seating.

“We were so limited with our seating that we had put some tables outside under an awning as a makeshift outdoor dining area,” said Alpert. “That didn’t help us very much in the winter. [It was our goal] to expand the building for more seating, [while] keeping the interior authentically vintage.”

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Visitors can find all new countertops, seating, bathrooms and kitchen equipment (right down to the silverware). The original seats have been replaced by retro flatback blue vinyl booths, but the color schemes and ambiance are still true to the vintage Mountain View aesthetic. Think laminate tabletops with aluminum rolled edges and white quartz countertops that bring an airy feeling to a modestly sized area. Soon, the diner will unveil a new dining room in place of the makeshift outdoor seating area, which will allow the restaurant to accommodate 70 guests compared to 30.

“More year-round seating simply means a larger, more extended family. In my eyes, the more the merrier.”

The owners’ warm and welcoming approach to hospitality continues to attract customers as the place to go to hang out and eat comfort food like cannoli stuffed pancakes, Oreo French toast and bacon, egg and cheese croissants. The menu wasn’t part of the makeover but fun additions can be spotted in the side dish sections, including wings and tater tots.

“Good food is like a best and trusted friend, hard to come by—but when you do, you know it and you never let go of it.”

Mineola Diner is located at 138 Jericho Turnpike.