Glam+Go Coming to East Hampton

There’s only so much time in a day. From hectic hours at the office to social obligations, treating yourself to a hair salon session is often a lot easier said than done. Glam+Go, an express blowout and hair styling studio chain in NYC, is opening its first Long Island location in East Hampton June 17 to get women in, out and on with their days.

“Glam+Go is coming east mainly by popular demand,” said founder/CEO Erika Wasser, who oversees the five NYC locations, one Miami location and the soon-to-be-open East Hampton space within the Elements Fitness Studio. “[We have] hundreds of members in NYC [and] a good number of them summer out east…When the opportunity to partner with Elements presented itself, Glam+Go East Hampton was a no-brainer, allowing women to easily fit in their workout and get a blowout in about an hour and feel great for the rest of the day.”

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Wasser knows that, for some, stress-management skills are anything but a no-brainer. Hair hassle got her into professional styling in the first place. The brunette with cascading curls struggled with frizzy hair as a kid, making blowouts more of a necessity than a luxury. While working for The Tyra Banks Show out of college and later as an on-air host on HGTV’s “Can I Come In?” she saw backstage green room hair transformations happen in 15 minutes or less.

“I was so used to my own regular blowout routine of long, expensive appointments. Discovering a more efficient approach to getting a blowout was a godsend and I knew it needed to be brought mainstream.”

The moment came in 2013, when the first Glam+Go studio opened in NYC, bringing its 15-minute express style and 30-minute signature blowouts to the public. The new studio will stay true to the brand in terms of these hallmark services. Like the other locations, it will also offer a summer styling menu. Clients can walk out with a trendy braided look, like a celeb-inspired fishtail perfect for Hamptons red carpet events. Other looks include half up/down styles, ponytails, straight & sleek and serious curves and buns.

“Glam+Go is all about efficiency without sacrificing quality. Styles like boxer braids and beachy waves are trending summer looks that are meant to take you from day to night without much hassle.”

Getting to a Glam+Go is about to get even easier for City dwellers. Three new locations in NYC are set to open this summer (East Village, Park Avenue with Mark Garrison Salon and Flatiron within RPZL Salon). There will also be a studio opening in Santa Monica, California.

“We want to roll out more studios [that way] we can have a massive amount of Glam+Go members who feel like we’re helping them have it all in 2017.”