New Sushi Bowl Place Coming to Huntington

From food to fashion to flash mobs, social media has become a go-to place to find what’s trending. Over the last year, a sushi bowl called “poke” has been a major source of #foodspo (food inspiration) for tech-savvy diners. The picture perfect Hawaiian dish, a raw fish marinated in a customizable blend of sauces and seasonings, will make its way to local shores when Kai Poke opens in Huntington this July. It will be the first poke restaurant on Long Island.

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Jacob and Coleman Meier first discovered poke (pronounced poh-kay) on a trip to Southern California. They loved it so much, they decided to re-navigate their careers from finance and fitness to the restaurant industry. “We were always fish eaters and naturally sushi became a big staple in our diets,” said Jacob. “When we visited family in Southern California and discovered poke we instantly fell in love.”

The brothers have kept the competitive drive they used in their previous careers. Once a poke restaurant opened up a block away from Jacob’s Manhattan office in 2016, he knew they needed to move fast. “Coleman told me he wanted to be the first poke restaurant on Long Island, and from there on out we both started doing our parts to get the business running.”

All of the fish served at Kai Poke will be sustainably sourced and preserved using super freezers as opposed to gases or chemicals. Salmon, tuna, cooked shrimp and even tofu will be available bowl-toppers on the menu. The Meiers plan to serve traditional marinades/toppings like ponzu and sesame oil, as well as some newer flavors like sweet chili. Patrons can enjoy poke as an appetizer (its original form) or make it a meal served over rice or salad.

The amount of sauce used will also be up to the customer—even the brothers have different appetites.

“My personal taste tends to include more sauce than most, but Coleman is more traditional. We are still creating much of our house menu, but we’ll always have over 30 toppings to suit anyone’s taste,” promised Jacob.

Kai Poke will be located at 328 Main Street in Huntington