5 Ice Cream Combos to Try at Spoons

Just in time for the dog days of summer, Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar opened in Seaford July 9. The concept is simple: customers choose their own cereal or toppings that can be swirled into soft serve. But 20 different flavors of cereal and another 20 topping make the decision process a little more challenging. Check out these five for some sweet inspiration.

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For the peanut butter and chocolate fans

Calling all Reese’s enthusiasts! Here’s a new, delicious way to amplify the taste of your favorite nutty breakfast cereal. Think Cocoa Puffs, Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter and Reese’s Pieces combined with vanilla ice cream. You’ll never look at peanut butter the same way again.

Fruity fanatics

Those who can’t get enough tanginess during the summer, listen up. The orange, lemon and cherry flavor of Fruity Pebbles can be mixed with Cap’n Crunch and shredded coconut flakes for a bite that is rich in all the right ways.

Double the cereal, double the fun

There is no such thing as too much cereal. This one here features Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Rice Krispies Treats Cereal for a sugary tastebud sensation.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Look no further than Spoons for your pot of gold. Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms Marshmallows are mixed into vanilla soft serve for a truly magical rainbow masterpiece.

Shake shake shake


image: facebook.com/pg/spoonsLI/photos

Ice cream swirls aren’t the only thing on the menu. Made with vanilla ice cream, whole milk and whipped cream, the Fruit Loops shake is a guaranteed home run.