Local Restaurants Share Instagrammable Dishes

Local restaurants are gearing up for Pulse‘s upcoming North Fork Summer Social on Aug. 6: an evening of wine tasting, food sampling and, of course, snapping away perfect #foodstagrams before digging in.

I caught up with the owners, managers and chefs from some of the restaurants that will be part of the big event, and got the scoop on the photo-worthy meals and why they taste so good. Be sure to use the hastags #SummerofPulse and #lipulse while wining and dining at the foodie event of the year (or evenings out this summer).

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Verde Wine Bar, Deer Park 

image: anthony carcaterra/verde wine bar (@eatdrinkverde)

image: verde wine bar (@eatdrinkverde)

The bright colors of this dish are sure to catch your eye (and the focus of your phone camera). These piping hot bowls of fresh cavatelli bolognese are loaded with short rib, veal, sausage and beef. A year-round staple, it’s a dish diners can’t go wrong with. Like general manager Anthony Carcaterra said, “No matter the occasion or the weather outside, a big bowl of cavatelli bolognese is something I always want to eat. It’s the definition of comfort food.” Phone: 631-242-8902 | Address: 450 Commack Rd. Click to taste

Spiro’s, Rocky Point 

image: spiro's

image: spiro’s

Spiro’s USDA Prime Dry Porterhouse for two looks almost too perfect to eat. This 40-ounce steak dish is served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. It is just begging diners to snap a picture before diving in. “Tender, juicy, and the marbling on it makes it melt in your mouth like butter,” said head bartender Jay Ozdemir. “Once you try it, it’ll make you think about Spiro’s every time you get hungry.” Phone: 631-744-4100 | Address: 4 Patchogue Dr. Click to taste

Sandbar, Cold Spring Harbor

image: sandbar/lessing's

image: sandbar/lessing’s

This colorful plate of seared scallops will satisfy your stomach as well as your Instagram feed. The dish is served with panzanella salad with tomato, red pepper, celery, mint, parsley, basil aioli and croutons. “In the summer, our scallops coming from the Cape Cod area are plump, sweet and full of flavor,” explained Chef Guy Reuge. “They are large and firm and tend to caramelize nicely upon cooking.” Phone: 631-498-6188 | Address: 55 Main St. Click to taste

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, Bay Shore 

image: @thebrunchreview

image: @thebrunchreview

A heaping pile of different hues, textures and flavors, this Oaxacan Carne Asada validates the expression “You eat with your eyes first.” A chile-marinated skirt steak dish served with roasted garlic rice, charred green onions, fried sweet plantains and warm tortillas is not only a necessity for your taste buds, but also for social media. The idea for the dish was spawned from several trips to Oaxaca, explained owner Anthony Tartaglia. “We would go to this huge market and visit various different vendors,” he said. The purchased ingredients were then combined into this authentic Mexican entree that Tartaglia called “a huge favorite.” Phone: 631-665-6300 | Address: 70 E. Main St. Click to taste