New Coffee Place Hits West Babylon

Let’s face it: A cup of joe can make or break a morning. The perfect one gets people ready to power through their to-do lists. A sub-par roast? Let’s not talk about it. Those heading East on Sunrise Highway got a delicious new spot to start their days in June when Ibrahim Sergi opened Sergi Coffee & Roast in West Babylon. Sergi sources his beans directly from Colombia and roasts them in-house. Locals and commuters are already calling it a gem and the ideal way to begin a day.

Sergi’s story begins in Turkey, where he was a philosophy teacher in Istanbul. On March 27, 1997 he came to the US for a “new adventure” and “in search of the American dream.” He found success as the founder of heating oil supply company Yankee Oil, which he opened in 2004, but a recent vacation to Colombia jolted him onto a new path. While at a friend’s home, he tasted a fresh cup of coffee.

“It was the best cup I’ve ever had and it changed my life. It was smooth and flavorful, instead of the burnt, bitter taste found in most coffees. I became interested in coffee production and visited various farms in Colombia where I learned a lot about the agriculture of coffee beans.”

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Upon his return to the States, Sergi enrolled in a coffee roasting course. He traveled back and forth to Colombia several times in search of the perfect beans for his own personal blend.

“I learned about various techniques for roasting, cupping and tasting. And through many, many trials and errors, I’ve established a taste that I think is like no other. It’s specialty Colombian coffee with a bright citrus note. It’s lighter bodied and nutty with slight chocolate notes,” explained Sergi.

The humble shop boasts several small tables and sells hot or iced coffee, traditional Turkish coffee, lattes, teas, frappuccinos and small bites and snacks. Customers can purchase bags of Sergi Coffee beans in three different varieties, as well as desserts from other local bakeries like Jonathan Lord Cheesecakes & Desserts of Bohemia and Mr. Bill’s Cheesecakes in Lindenhurst.

Sergi Coffee & Roast is located at 780 Sunrise Hwy. in West Babylon.