5 Accessory Trends to Play With This Fall

Even though vacations are ending and people are getting back to the grind, they can still have tons of fun playing with fashion this fall. The season’s trends are all about simplicity with a hint of playfulness. While monochromatic clothes may be in style, folks are sure to stand out with these trendy accessories.

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Glitz Boots

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Sparkle against the darkening sky with glittery, metallic or sequined footwear. “Fall seems to be the season of embellished shoes,” said NYC-based stylist Ayoka Lucas. Bella Petersen, another NYC stylist, recommended wearing booties with maxi skirts and tall boots with short-hemline skirts and dresses. Women can mimic the bold boots recently seen on Chanel and Oscar De La Renta’s fall runways with Giuseppe Zanotti’s Bimba Glitter High Heel Booties.  

White Heels

To go a simpler route with your footwear, Lucas suggested wearing white heels with a head-to-toe black or pastel outfit. “It always reads very ‘cool girl’ chic, which also feels effortless, and that’s the goal,” she said. For those who still want to achieve glitzy feet, wear a pair of white heels like ASOS PRIORITY High Heels over sparkly socks.


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Black leather berets made headlines when Rihanna wore one to Dior’s fall show in March. They’ve also shown up on Dior, Moschino and Prada runways. “I love this trend because although it’s a classic hat, there is a ‘fight the power’ feel that really gives your look a no-nonsense chic fashion moment,” said Lucas, who recommended pairing a hat like Gucci’s leather beret with a leather jacket or boots. Petersen suggested wearing one with a jumpsuit for “edgy sophistication.”

Big Bags

A “bag that means business” like Tory Burch’s T Satchel will help women return to work in style, said Petersen. “When including an oversized bag, approach it like any statement piece,” Lucas advised. “It works best with a less detailed outfit. The bag becomes the focus.” Petersen recommended using one to add interest to a day dress.

Bold Earrings

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Earrings are one of the biggest opportunities to play around with style. “Expect to see more ‘party girl’ earrings available this season with large chandelier-style details,” said Lucas. Found-object pieces like Marc Jacobs’ Pave Key Single Earrings are another way to make your ears stand out, said Petersen. Brands like Balenciaga, Ellery and Maison Margiela have even been featuring models with two different earrings. “Mix and match earrings of large proportions are just another way to highlight your fashion forward sensibility,” said Lucas. “It shows that you have a fearless approach to style.”