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A home’s design has a way of reflecting where we are in our lives at a particular moment. Such was the case for a newly single mother and her recently built South Shore home when she enlisted the help of design firm Marlaina Teich Designs. Like an astute tailor, Teich customized the design to fit her client’s changing lifestyle. “She was newly single with a young daughter, embarking on a whole new life,” Teich explained. “She sold her original home, which was very much the traditional suburban home (though richly decorated) and wanted a new start with a fresh look.” Teich’s goal was to create an inviting and family-friendly space that simultaneously exuded glamorous, feminine charm.

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The designer created a space inspired by Hollywood glamour. Shades of purple and gray with bright accent colors paired with rich fabrics and opulent lighting are the tenets of the aesthetic. “The combination of the textures, colors and patterns really flow throughout the space and it definitely exudes the glam vibe my client wanted.”

The color scheme was orchestrated to create a sense of harmony among the rooms in the home’s desirable open floor plan. Using purple and gray hues as a starting point, Teich added visual interest with pops of eye-catching color to distinguish each room—themes were developed chromatically. Orange paired with the main gray in the family room and accents of navy partnered with the purple in the living room. “I used gray as the grounding neutral, with areas on the walls, windows, floors and furnishings to create cohesive flow from the foyer through the family room.” Black accents were also used, albeit sparingly, to further ground the space and prevent it from becoming overly “girly.”

Touchable textiles including crushed velvets, chenille and Tibetan lamb’s wool were selected for the main living area for their luxe appearance and durability.

Touchable textiles including crushed velvets, chenille and Tibetan lamb’s wool were selected for the main living area for their luxe appearance and durability.

Texture played a key role in the richness of the design as well. “I wanted sexy textures that called out to be touched, while at the same time they had to be able to be touched and jumped on by an adorable 5-year-old girl and her friends and still hold up forever.” In the main living area, crushed velvets, chenille and Tibetan lamb’s wool were employed as much for their tactile qualities as for the ability to stand-up to wear. In the family room, striated chenille and faux leather were called to task. Faux leather with built-in antimicrobial protection was also incorporated in the kitchen design. “[It’s] so great in food prep areas! The wonderful thing about today’s technology is that for many fabrics, there are options that can be applied to the fabric that serve as a protective shield of sorts to stains and spills.”

The final touch to the elegant interior of this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home was the lighting. Teich meticulously sourced the fixtures to match the style of each room. “Each lighting fixture had to speak to the space,” she said. The focal chandelier in the dining room was a treasure found at High Point Market on a visit to North Carolina. “It was a new introduction and the second I saw it I knew the client would be crazy for it.”

Of course, the true shining star of the design is not an object, but an essence. “What makes this project a success is the happiness that my client feels every day when she comes home from work and really feels at home in her new space because it reflects who she is at this moment in her life.”

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